Education & Violence

What is this blog about?

Education and violence is a broad and complex topic, touching on several aspects of society, including economics, politics, and psychology. Education encompasses the process in which students obtain the skills and knowledge necessary to be functioning and/or productive members of a given society. Schools are institutions that provide a space for students to gain these necessary skills and knowledge. And violence, can take many forms, but we will define it as any act which leads to the physical, psychological, or emotional harm of an individual, society, or both.

The relationship between education and violence can be difficult to understand. There are some who feel that having an educated public will reduce the level of violence within a society. On the other hand, some feel it is impossible to have an efficiently functioning education system in regions where violence is prevalent. This creates a tautology where education is needed to reduce violence, however, it is difficult to educate those living in violent regions due to the violence. The purpose of this blog is not necessarily to solve these problems. Instead, this blog attempts to explore the interplay between violence and education, and how the two influence each other within contemporary society.

In our blog posts, we try to explore the overlap between violence and education by drawing on both mainstream and alternative media sources. As such, we will use this blog as a platform to explore the multifaceted impacts of violence and what different media sources attribute to be the causes of this violence. We will also consider the purpose of education and schooling and how it is impacted by violent incidences, policies, or contexts.

Key Questions We Will Explore:

  • Why does violence occur in educational settings?
  • What are the implications of violent contexts on education and/or learning?
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About the Authors

Rudolf D’Silva 

Rudolf D’Silva is a Graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania working towards obtaining a Master’s Degree in Global Studies, with an emphasis in Global Poverty. He is currently interested in the different ways in which violence influences education in various regions of the world. D’Silva is also interested in the interplay between education and violence, and the socio-economic, cultural, and political factors, which may influence it.

Anna Venguer 

Anna Venguer is a undergraduate student in the College of Arts & Sciences majoring in Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania. Anna is pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Global Human Rights and is interested in the interplay between policy, education, and violence.

Vaibhav Karajgikar

Vaibhav Karajgikar is a Graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Education Development. Interests include education in conflict zones, impact of violence on students and the role of education policy formulation towards conflict resolution.